Vodafone Vehicle Defense

Passive recovery device

Would you like to secure your Porsche even better against theft and increase the chances of recovering your Porsche even further? Then install the Vodafone Vehicle Defense passive recovery device in your car. Vodafone Vehicle Defense is a passive, low emission and wireless tracking device that can be hidden perfectly in your Porsche. This is an ideal addition to the original vehicle tracking system. The systems are linked together by our Secure Operating Center. Should your Porsche be stolen, our SOC will do everything in its power to trace your car as quickly as possible.

Vodafone Vehicle Defense is a Kiwa SCM approved vehicle recovery device in the security class ‘TV’. A recovery device, or beacon. It’s wireless and hidden in the car. The device only gets activated when the car is stolen. This makes the device virtually undetectable by even the most professional car thieves.

To equip your Porsche with this second layer of security, please contact us. We will arrange everything for you, including installation at a location you specify within the Netherlands and additional Kiwa SCM certificate for your insurer.