Porsche VTS (4th Gen)

The 4th generation of the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System is available starting with the new Cayenne (MY 2024). It is foreseen that every new Porsche model will be equipped with this system. The system includes all the latest technologies to recover your precious Porsche after theft and meets the highest security standards of Kiwa SCM (NL), INCERT (BE), Thatcham (UK) and other certifying bodies.

Including 2-year subscription

When you purchase your new Porsche, the Porsche VTS system including a 2-year subscription is automatically selected in most cases. The cost of the system and the first 2 years of the subscription are thus in that case included in the purchase price of your Porsche. This ensures that you are well protected when you leave the dealership and you always meet the highest possible security requirements of your insurance company.

Always connected with your Porsche

The Porsche Vehicle Tracking System is connected to Vodafone Automotive’s My Connected Car application. With My Connected Car, you are always connected with your Porsche. My Connected Car consists of a smartphone application for Android and iPhone devices. The application allows you to remotely manage the vehicle’s security functions and access vehicle information such as real-time location and a summary of your trips.

User friendly engine lock override

With the included ‘override card’ you can easily, and independently, override the Porsche VTS immobilizer. This immobilizer, as a result of insurance regulations, is automatically activated as soon as the original Porsche alarm system is triggered. By simply pressing the button on the override card, you disable the immobilizer and can quickly get back on the road.