Porsche Connect

Since 2018, most new Porsche’s come with Porsche Connect. Through Porsche Connect, you can purchase various Smart Mobility Services directly through Porsche. Part of Porsche Connect is the Car Security package. Activating this package will automatically connect your Porsche to our Secure Operating Center and provide you with an insurance approved Vehicle Tracking System. To purchase the Car Security package, please log into the My Porsche website with your Porsche ID.

It is important that you always keep Porsche Connect’s Car Security package active. This is because this service ensures the connection of your Porsche to our Secure Operating Center. Without an active Car Security package, we cannot trace the car in case of theft. You can easily manage the Porsche Connect services yourself on the My Porsche website.

Report a theft

Has your Porsche been stolen? Please report it immediately to our Secure Operating Center. In The Netherlands please dial +31 (0)20 4040 919, option 3. In Belgium and Luxembourg please dial +32 (0)2752 3907 .