Porsche Car Connect

The 2nd generation Porsche Vehicle Tracking System is called Porsche Car Connect. This system is fully integrated during the production of the car and therefore works flawlessly with the existing electronics in your Porsche.

In addition to the Vehicle Tracking service (called “Security Service“), Porsche Car Connect provides two additional services. First is the airbag alert (called “Safety Service“). If you would have an accident and the airbag gets deployed, automatically an airbag alert is sent to our SOC including information about the impact and location, allowing us to immediately dispatch medical assistance. Second is the mobile application for Android and iOS that allows you to connect and manage your Porsche remotely (called “Remote Service“). These additional services can be subscribed to separately and show the level of integration with the existing electronics of the car.

It is very important that you activate at least the Security Service of the Porsche Car Connect system. This is because this service ensures the connection of your Porsche to our Secure Operating Center. Without active Security Service, we cannot trace the car in case of theft and this could be an requirement for your Porsche insurance. You can easily manage the Porsche Car Connect services yourself via the ‘Customer Web Portal‘.

Security Service

The Security Service consists of automatic theft detection and the connection to our Secure Operating Center. In case of theft, we will do everything we can to recover your car. The Security Service is required to comply with the Kiwa SCM, INCERT and THATCHAM regulations.

Safety Service

The Safety Service relates to the airbags of the car. In case you have an accident in which the airbags are deployed, our Secure Operating Center will be informed automatically about the impact and location allowing us to inform and dispatch emergency response services.

Remote Service

Finally, the Remote service is responsible for the connection between your car and the smartphone application on your mobile phone. This application allows you to manage your Porsche anytime, anywhere. Some functions of the application include: locating the car, viewing status of windows and doors, and folding the mirrors. Additional functionality may be available depending on the accessories on the car.