Keyless Secure

Millions of dollars worth of cars are stolen every year. The most common way to steal these cars is Relay Attack, in which thieves can remotely open and start a car. Fortunately, the newest Porsche’s are protected against this form of car theft, but the older models are not. Your Porsche dealer can check to see if your Porsche is vulnerable to Relay Attack.

Specifically for our Porsche customers, we have developed a customized Keyless Secure solution. This version of Keyless Secure is perfectly tailored to fit into the original Porsche Car Key. If you order the Keyless Secure for Porsche through this website we will arrange everything for you, including installation at a location specified by you within the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg and certificate for your insurer.

Relay Attack

Every year millions of euros worth of cars are stolen. Figures show, especially in recent months, a sharp increase in theft from and of newer cars equipped with Keyless Entry. A common way to steal these cars is Relay Attack, which allows thieves to remotely open and start a car. How do you secure a vehicle against theft by Relay Attack? Clifford is launching the solution with Keyless Secure: fast, simple and intelligent.

Keyless Entry, which allows you to unlock a car without a key, gives consumers a sense of luxury and comfort befitting modern cars. With this system, the car checks itself if the key is nearby, then unlocks. But it also provides concerns. Cars with Keyless Entry can easily be hacked. Because the car key continuously transmits a signal, thieves can easily pick up that signal: they extend this signal and open and start the car, without needing a key. Keyless Secure takes away those concerns.

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Our solution against Relay Attack for your Porsche



Car Theft using Relay Attack, how does it work?

Thief 1 stands close to the car with a device that transmits the car’s digital relay signal to Thief 2.

Thief 2 stands as close to the house as possible with a second device.

Thief 2 captures the signal from the key lying in the house and extends this signal to Thief 1 who can use the extended signal to open and start the car.

Keyless Secure: our solution against Relay Attack

How do you secure a vehicle against theft by Relay Attack? We offer the solution with Keyless Secure: safe, smart, fast and certified.

  • Safe: Keyless Secure is a high-tech chip that we implement in the car key. The chip ensures that once the car key is stationary somewhere, it stops sending a signal after five minutes: the key is inactive. Only when the key is picked up and moved again will the signal be activated.
  • Smart: Keyless Secure communicates with Bluetooth and enables pairing with other systems.
  • Fast: Inserting the high-tech chip takes only a few minutes. Without installation in the car or other modifications. Last but not least, the consumer retains all the luxury and comfort of Keyless Entry befitting modern cars.
  • Certified: most insurers and leasing companies are increasingly demanding additional security to insure cars with Keyless entry against theft. Kiwa SCM has therefore drawn up an inspection requirement under the name KE01 effective from January 1, 2021. The goal is that cars that are not resistant to relay attack will no longer be approved by Kiwa SCM. Our Keyless Secure has been certified to meet the KE01 requirements.